Highlights of Oct 11 Bolsa Chica Monthly Count

Terry Hill

We were fortunate to have only a slight breeze at Bolsa Chica this morning, but we did have a high tide, so there were no special shorebirds today.  We did have the 3 continuing Yellow-crowned Night-Herons, 5 Reddish Egrets, one Brant (the first one to arrive for the winter), 26 Horned Larks, and quite a variety of hawks and falcons:  4 Northern Harriers (all female), 4 Cooper’s Hawks (2 adults, 2 juveniles), 2 Red-shouldered Hawks (male & female together), 4 Red-tailed Hawks, 2 American Kestrels (1 male, 1 female), 1 Merlin, and 2 Peregrine Falcons. 
Terry Hill
Huntington Beach