For lack of reports (lol) on the Greater Pewee


Myself and Carl Jackson and another young fellow all had the Greater Pewee at

GPS:  33.716856, -117.941746

in Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley during the period of 1:30 pm to past 2:00 pm

This is the southern most - western most parking lot at Mile Square Park bordering along Warner Avenue in the overall south east quadrant of Mile Square.

A large very full pine at the eastern edge of this east-west parking lot is where it spent a great deal of time, but a Black Phoebe and the Pewee couldn't just get along so it would fly westward to a sycamore and then further west to an Eucalyptus tree.

This parking lot is also within visual of the prior mentioned "red fence" which you can clearly see standing along this parking area.

Been working thru images and just a couple are up on my website thus far but by the end of day will be completed.
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Monte Taylor (蒙特·泰勒)
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