Chasing Year Birds

Tom Harrison

Birding Friends,

Lucky morning, January 22.

The Green-tailed Towhee and Golden Crown Sparrows were showing nicely this morning at Harriet Weider Park, thanks to some birders who put out seed on the path in the NW corner of the park. California Thrasher singing and visible as well. Didn't see Fox Sparrow.

The continuing Mountain Plover was still present at Bolsa Chica.

The Wandering Tattler was on the Corona del Mar Main Beach jetty (channel side) as was a Black Turnstone.

The Brown-crested Flycatcher was behind the Robert Lange Preschool flycatching along the creek.

Didn't re-find the Brown Thrasher at Aurora Park.

The trip home is so much nicer when you get the bird.

Tom Harrison
San Clemente