A few comments on Sundays Greater Pewee Observations at Mile Square Regional Park


A few comments on the observations of the Greater Pewee today at Mile Square Park.

Clearly many have seen the bird over the past two days helped I am sure by the posts at this site.

I arrived early (730 AM per Jeff’s suggestion in his post) and the bird was at its 

apparent usual location near the maintenance yard (on the chain link fence).

Steve Morris came by and the bird flew into some nearby pines where it stayed for about 1/2 an hour before flying back towards the yard. The most interesting  behavior was its taking food from the bark, and its chasing of a Phoebe in a possble territorial dispute as recounted by Steve in his ebird post. Many good pictures were obtained by many observers. I put some of mine (no Phoebe chase but some bug eating) plus a movie on my Flickr page


Jim Hecht


Hermosa  Beach CA