Mew Gull - Santa Ana River (Anaheim) 5 Jan

Connor Wehner

I just uploaded some photos to eBird of the Common Mergansers that I saw between Lakeview and Imperial at the Santa Ana River on January 4. Not the greatest quality but they are easily identified from them. Also happened to see three Wilson’s Snipe just to the east of the Lakeview bridge which were a nice surprise. 
Happy birding!

Connor Wehner
Yorba Linda

Jeff Bray

There was a Mew Gull just upstream of the 91 Freeway this morning along the Santa Ana River. It wasn't there on my first pass, but as I was returning, it was. There were two adult Herring Gulls with the Mew. Other birds there were a dark morph Red-tailed Hawk, An adult Bald Eagle (was perched in the pines at Lakeview) and a Merlin atop a utility pole. I didn't see any Common Merganser in the river (Maybe I should go to Bolsa? 🙄), sure seem to be a lot of people reporting them there, but strangely with no documentation... 

Some photos on the checklist below:


Jeff Bray
Irvine, CA