Some Comments on the Mountain Plover today at Bolsa Chica


This bird was reported twice on Dec 6 (see Edana's post) in the Least Tern Nesting Area at Bolsa Chica. I arrived at noon (Dec 7th) and saw Robert McNab who had a spotting scope. A Black-bellied Plover came in around 1 PM and the Mountain Plover was spotted a few minutes later by Bob. Unfortunately while he was calling around and I was setting up my camera  it must have flown out.  It returned to a sand bar just off shore sometime around 130 to 145 PM and was visible for about 20 minutes before disappearing again. The only photographs I could obtain was when it was on the sandbar. This is really at the limit of my lens setup so the photo on my Flickr site is for documentation. Better photos are available from the observers on the 6th. I understand it returned later at an even more distant sandbar. If it returns again to the nesting area that would obviously provide better viewing and in addition the lighting was quite good at 1 PM.

Jim Hecht
Hermosa Beach CA