palm warbler

James Pike

After an unconscionable period of dawdling, I finally went to Mile Square Park to seek a rare flycatcher. As I received secondhand information (hearsay, no less!!!) that the Dusky-capped Flycatcher was recently present on the Big Island, I spent some time this afternoon whistling and pishing my way around the NE corner of the park. Alas, I must mournfully report that I did not encounter said species, but I did find a Palm Warbler and Yellow Warbler in the sycamore just north of the island. When I left, the Palm was feeding in the nearby white-flowering eucalyptus, and the Yellow flew to the island, a spot which seems to have a wintering Yellow nearly every year. Pics of these birds and the recent adult Black-and-White Warbler at WMP are at the link below:

Jim Pike