Chestnut-collared Longspur Fairview park Pictures


The CCLO found today by James Bailey at Fairview park in Costa Mesa was a lifer for me.
I was helped in finding it by connecting with Robert McNab, Charles Baker, and Roger Schoedl who could hear it.
I was at or near the intersection of two trails through the tall grass from about 1 to 3 PM.
The coordinates given by Jeff and Devon (when viewed in satellite mode on Maps) will show the right location.
It stayed in that area the whole time, although it did fly short distances a few times but always stayed in the area.
Most of the time it stayed within a foot of the trail in the shade or the bush.
It did come out a few times and I suppose if you'd didn't know it was there it might flush as one walked by.
When it flew the white outer tail feathers were quite noticeable.
It also seemed lighter and bigger than the Savannah Sparrow that sometimes appeared.
I put some photos on my Flickr page which showed it in flight, the long spur on the foot an eating.

Jim Hecht
Hermosa Beach CA