1/13/2019 Upper Santa Ana: Common Mergansers, Wilson's Snipe, Eagles and Peregrines

Mike Kory

This was my first time visiting this area. I was surprised by the variety of birds there were so close to the freeways.
I posted a few photos of the Common Mergansers, the Wilson's Snipes, Bald Eagle/Peregrine interaction, and a short video of Bald Eagles mating.
The photos all have GPS coordinates if you'd like to re-find the birds.
Unfortunately, the Snipes may not be there anymore. I took the Snipe photos in early morning cloudy skies and came back later when the sun came out to get better photos. When I came back a tractor was bulldozing the area. It didn't flatten the Snipe's area, but it did rearrange the water flow so that it flooded a lot of the area where they were.

I don't post often and this post doesn't offer any new information, so let me know if I shouldn't post this sort of thing.
Mike Kory
Charleston, IL
(visiting in Laguna Hills right now)