Misc birding 11/10 & 11/11

Roger Schoedl

Some various items from the last two days of birding:


Carr Park - Sunday 11/10: 10 CACKLING GEESE - 9 Aleutian +1 Minima. On this visit the Minima was associating with the Aleutians but the Aleutians would sometimes chase it away if it kept too close.


Mile Square - Sunday 11/10: 1 continuing male VERMILION FLYCATCHER in the corner where the northern baseball field, NE corner of the golf course & south side of the archery range meet. It spent much of the time on the northern fence line of the golf course.


Huntington Central Park - Monday 11/11: 1 SNOW GOOSE flew into Talbert Lake. 1 cooperative continuing BROWN CREEPER foraged on the trunks of the cottonwood grove along the east side of the lake. 3 Fox Sparrows were at the east end of the island area at the SE corner walk-in.


Mile Square Park - Monday 11/11: 1 continuing GREATER WHITE-FRONTED GOOSE foraging in the lawn along Edinger NW of the lake and in tight company with 2 Egyptian Geese. 1 late Pacific-slope Flycatcher in the nature area. Didn't see Sunday's Vermilion Flycatcher in the baseball, archery or nature areas so it must move around.


Roger Schoedl

Huntington Beach

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