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Joseph Bove

I would appreciate your help in identifying a hummingbird-like creature that was methodically working the salvia, again, hummingbird-like, in my backyard. It was smaller than a mature hummingbird, had a long bill resembling that of a hummingbird, and was boldly striped, white and black, on all parts of its body; in addition, strangely, it had two prominent antennae. It looked like a hummingbird, albeit it a strange looking one, with antennae.

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I have recently seen many questions on this list regarding things like,"...what subspecies are we more likely to see in this park", "...what seabirds are currently being seen?" etc..

The answer to these questions and also the answers to many other bird related questions can be found by checking : The Birds of Orange County California, Status and Distribution, Hamilton and Willick. 

This is an extremely valuable reference for all matters that deal with the status and distribution of birds common and not so common found in Orange County. Subspecies are discussed as well. It is available for purchase at the Sea and Sage Audubon House in Irvine as well as at and many other bookstores. It is a treasure and a must to add to your bird book collection if you don't already own it. I have two! One in my car and one in my home.

Hope this is helpful,

Kaaren Perry
Laguna Beach
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