Some Ruff Notes


A note on todays Ruff. It was better seen from the bike path side where it approached quite close to shore. As in previous years it is loosely associated with a  small group (less than 10) of  Dowitchers.

It is often foraging away from this group. It is best picked out by its short bicolored bill and feathers that stick out giving it a rumpled look. I have pictures on my Flickr site of a Ruff every year from 2016 that is clearly the same bird (bicolored bill) and also some shots from 2013 that I think is a young version of this individual. Assuming the river isn’t flooded or drained it will probably stay in this spot (about halfway between Imperial and Lakeview where the river drops off). But if not seen  at that location look at the downstream side of the bridges over Lakeview or Imperial and  especially Lincoln where it was seen often last year. I put some new  images and a movie on my Flickr site


Jim Hecht

Hermosa Beach CA

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