Re: Immature Little Blue Heron in San Diego Creek in Irvine

Jeff Bray

Went to see the bird and it seems to be a Little Blue, see my photos on the eBird list

Jeff Bray
Irvine, CA

On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 10:40 AM James Pike <jimpike444@...> wrote:
Hi Will,

As you know, the separation of Snowy Egret and Little Blue Heron juveniles can be very tricky. In my view, the yellow-green lores, yellow legs, and relatively slim bill look better for Snowy. Further, there appear to be downy feathers on the crown, implying that this is a recently fledged (local) bird. With tricky birds like this one, it is best to await an opportunity to photograph the tips of the outer primaries. Darkish tips would be diagnostic of a Little Blue Heron.

regards, Jim Pike

On Tue, Sep 15, 2020 at 8:41 AM Will Black via <> wrote:
Hi All,

I had an apparent Immature Little Blue Heron this morning on the San Diego Creek bike trail between Alton and Main in Irvine at 33.6833859, -117.8310131. If you are interested in seeing this bird, please be cautious and cognizant that this is a highly trafficked section of the bike trail with only a small area to stand off of the trail on gravel. Viewing was very easy with only binoculars.

Field notes are as follows, photos on attached eBird checklist. Small white heron with entirely yellow green legs and feet (all same color, no darkening on legs, and no lightening or change in tone on feet), pale pink beak at base leading to a slightly darker tip, lores light greenish-blue hue, very light non-yellow eye. Potentially a slightly darker wing tip on underside of wing when viewed from rear quarter of bird, but not clear enough to be definitive. Plenty of Snowy egrets on this section of the river to compare with, but none near enough for subtle comparisons.

Will Black

Jeff Bray
Irvine, CA

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