Re: Pacific Golden-Plover at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach

Ron Grabyan

Thanks, Bob!  Very helpful.  I appreciate you responding.  I am not surprised by your answer, but I thought it would be worth investigating.
Ron Grabyan

Ron Grabyan

On Jan 16, 2020, at 10:09 AM, Bob Schallmann <bob_schallmann@...> wrote:

Good Morning Ron,

I am the Navy Ecologist here at Naval Weapons Station Seal Beach. 

As Jeff noted, access is extremely limited due to our military mission. I know that can be frustrating when an interesting or rare bird is noted here. That said, there are some opportunities to visit the installation in partnership with the co-located Seal Beach National Wildlife Refuge. 

In addition to the specialty birding tours Jeff mentioned, there are monthly tours with the Friends group on the last Saturday of each month. While not exclusively a “bird tour”, there are obviously birds seen. To reserve a spot on these popular tours (e.g. January trip is booked), contact the SBNWR at 562-598-1024.

There are also additional volunteer opportunities on occasion. A good example is a native plant restoration project that is scheduled for Saturday, February 22nd from 0800-1200. We’ll be planting over 1,300 native plants in an area that had previously been choked by invasive weeds. If you are interested, contact the refuge at 562-598-1024.

Hope to see you out here at one of these events!

All the best,

Bob Schallmann
Long Beach, CA

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