Re: Much thanks to many!!

Bettina Eastman

Thanks Ed,

It was my desire when I wrote the first message to thank folks like yourself that have dedicated your time and effort to make these counts possible. And, to help others know just how difficult it is Year after year for us to get the help we need with some folks aging out.

I also hoped that explaining the enormous effort By Everyone (not just me) would help people understand that we understand what is being said. And, that we are addressing the desires of folks. But also, that Some (not all) of the requests are just not as “simple” as some might hope..

And, I was hoping to refocus things to the efforts of the people who are doing a great job of helping out. rather than passing judgment.

Regardless, please, let’s drop this for now as I have far too much to accomplish in a few short days and have many other Volunteer responsibilities on my plate.

If anyone else has any other questions or suggestions, please feel free to email me at my gmail address which can be found on the CBC page of the Sea and Sage website.

Bird Every Moment,

Bettina Eastman 
Huntington Beach

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