Re: Much thanks to many!!

Bettina Eastman

Thanks again for your input and understanding. Even at the compilation dinner not all areas or groups are reporting, so, the data is tentative and incomplete.

Yet, I don’t want to continue with this public discussion. And, I certainly have a tremendous amount on my plate.

Darrell, Doug and I have already discussed these things and will continue to come up with better and better solutions. And, in an effort to do exactly what you suggest, I did type up just such a document at the Inland compilation dinner for Doug Lithgow, unfortunately, the file was corrupted and all data lost before I even left the building. Yikes!! I did not have the same time for the Coastal dinner.

So, everyone’s concern is dually noted and we will be meeting about these things very soon.

As for my Christmas Bird Count data, I will be processing as much as soon as possible and will report it to the group.

Sadly, in the past several years we have not found many new birds that were not already known. Either this is because the “rares” are no longer surviving the trip. Or, because we are already out there finding them.

Thanks again for your patience and I will post some data to the group first chance I get. But, please let’s end this discussion now.

Bettina Eastman
Coastal CBC Compiler 
Huntington Beach 

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