Re: Much thanks to many!!

Bettina Eastman

Yes, the CBC compilers do understand the desire for this type of information to be shared with the group. However, it may be many people’s misunderstanding as to the time-frame in which this is possible.

The effort put forth in these Count circles is possibly hundreds of people. Area Leaders who have just a portion of the circle must gather volunteers, interview them, place them with a group of individuals going out into the field, and then, direct them to an area to count on Count day. The count is very often tallied using paper and pencil. Then, the data from each individual group in the field must be transferred to a “like” document so that the Area Leaders can tally All the data together from all of their groups, many times, they may have 10 or 12 groups in the field, maybe more. Once this data is gathered and compiled by each of the Area Leaders it is given to the Circle compiler so that they can compile all the data from each of the Area Leaders, again, 10-12 of these areas, and again, mostly by hand.

i have been working together with the other compilers in the last two years since taking over the Coastal Circle to help stream-line some of the process by updating the tally sheets and making them available electronically. But, these are “works in progress” and also take time to implement.

The Coastal Circle was just this past Sunday. And, we had the New Years Holiday in between. So, it’s only been a few days ago. And despite this, my Area Leaders have been making huge efforts to get me their compiled data as quickly as possible. And yet, I have still not heard from all of them.

If you’d have heard the sincere concern and desire in the emails I have received from them to complete these tasks as quickly as possible, I think you would understand why I’ve wanted to publicly thank them for their monumental efforts. Under the pressure of perhaps not having done it fast enough for some.

So again, as we work together towards streamlining the process even further, won’t you please exercise patience. It is certainly not anyone’s desire to withhold information from the group. We are simply asking for the time it takes to get the job done. And, to remember that it can’t be done without many, many volunteers’s time and great efforts!!

Happy New Year!!

Bettina Eastman 
Coastal CBC Compiler 
Huntington Beach

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