Orange County CBC Rarities Tour Information

Jeff Bray

Hello birders and Happy New Year!

This year's CBC Rarities Tour is a bit all over the place. There weren't a ton of amazing rarities, but our "tour" on Saturday will hopefully get us to most of them. We are not planning on stopping at the cemetery in Huntington Beach for the Pine Warbler, out of respect for anyone that might be there, as a large group of birders would be disruptive to them.

Please see below for the schedule for this coming Saturday. Bruce Aird and myself will be the leaders for this trip. We encourage you to carpool if you can, to lessen the stress of parking at certain locations. A complete list of CBC species is still being gathered and hopefully a full list will be made available at some point.

** If you're going to be late, or need help getting to a location, please reach out to myself or Bruce at the contact info below.

Jeff Bray:

Bruce Aird:

7:00am meet at San Joaquin Wildlife Sanctuary.

We will bird the area around the parking lot while we wait for folks to arrive and arrange carpools.



1st stop: Bolsa Chica Wetlands (Mountain Plover, Gulls)

Park at the lot off of PCH. We’ll walk out to the main observation point and look for the plover and any gulls that might be there.



2nd stop: Newport Back Bay (Tricolored Heron, Little Blue Heron)

We’ll stop first to look for the Tricolored Heron, which is usually around this location.

Tricolored Heron parking:

Much less reported, but still a possibility, the area around Big Canyon parking lot has had the Little Blue Heron in the last two weeks.

Little Blue Heron parking:


3rd stop: The Great Park (Tropical Kingbird)

Park at the area linked below and walk towards the reflecting ponds and we’ll look/listen for the Tropical Kingbird. It’s not always there, but usually it’s quite vocal when it’s around.



4th stop: La Paz Willows (Brown-crested Flycatcher)

We’ll park along the street or in the parking lot of the school and look for the bird in the creek and surrounding areas



5th stop: Aurora Park (Brown Thrasher)

Parking here is along the street. We’ll walk down into the park where the bird has been seen near a large pepper tree.


If anyone has any question, please feel free to reach out to me offline. 


Jeff Bray
Irvine, CA

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