Nazca Booby Photos — Dana Point Jetty — July 28

Ron Grabyan

A few photos of the Nazca Booby are attached from Zulu 28, 11:00 - 3:00, Outer Jetty, Dana Point Harbor.

The Nazca Booby flew into the point at 12:43 pm and stayed at the same exact spot until after 3:00 pm when I left. It would turn around occasionally, sometimes sitting, mostly standing. It generally faced outward to sea. Several Brown Pelicans were very close, and seemed at one point to crowd the Nazca Booby, who promptly pecked at one of the Brown Pelicans -- they then backed off and moved away. The Nazca spent quite a bit of time preening.

Location: 33.454388, -117.691572

Ron Grabyan
Irvine, CA

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