Photos of Lucy’s Warbler, Nature Center, Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley, Ca, Aug 2

Ron Grabyan

Lucy's Warbler would arrive at the Mesquite Tree south of the Dry Pond in the Nature Center several times each day.  It would generally enter low from deep in the back of the tree and flitter from branch to branch quickly.  It would only stay about 3-4 minutes before leaving.  Photos are difficult to get due to the branches and leaves of the Mesquite Tree.  This bird is easily distinguished from other birds visiting this tree during the day: Bushtit (more compact, darker, smaller bill; white surrounding black in the eye); Orange-crowned Warbler (darker olive); Yellow Warbler (yellow color); Pacific Slope Flycatcher (oval eye-ring); and Hutton's Vireo (wing pattern, wing bars, eye rings). Lucy's Warbler is very light gray except its back and wings  being darker gray; eye ring is slight and eye is black. Some have observed a rufous rump and occasional slight rufous crown.


Location: 33 43’ 38.56” N, 117 56’ 32.59 W... large mesquite tree adjacent to the path just south of the Dry Pond, Nature Center, Mile Square Park, Fountain Valley, Ca

August 2 and 4
Ron Grabyan
Irvine, Ca

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