Re: American Robin in Costa Mesa

Ron Grabyan

Hi, Tom!

I live in Turtle Rock in Irvine, and I see American Robins in my neighborhood on our green belt — Sycamore Creek and Turtle Rock Drive as well as Turtle Rock Drive and Starcrest every day much of the year while I walk my dog.

They are also singing much of the time the calls: A1 and PP1 from iBird Ultimate.  An interesting behavioral activity is the later afternoon they like to sit in a branch and face the setting 🌞 sun.  You would think they were sun worshipers!

Ron Grabyan

Ron Grabyan

On Jul 15, 2019, at 11:04 AM, Tom Eastman <ocean2trail@...> wrote:

While on a morning run through the neighborhood yesterday (7/14) I startled an American Robin from the street in front of someone's driveway up into a nearby magnolia tree.  I realize that it's not unheard of to have AMRO in Orange County, but I don't recall ever seeing one at the height of summer in a suburban setting a few hundred feet from the Santa Ana River.  Because it's a quiet residential neighborhood, I'm not going to provide an address publicly.

Sorry for not posting sooner,

Tom Eastman
Costa Mesa

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