Parrots at Irvine Regional Park (rant)

Jeff Bray

Sorry to those that could care less about exoitcs, but I need to address the "Yellow-headed" Parrot that continues to be incorrectly reported at Irvine Regional Park. (and please don't waste your time emailing me about how I shouldn't be talking about exotics on the group, I really don't care)

The bird is a hybrid of some kind. Either Red-crowned X Turquoise-fronted or Yellow-headed X Turquoise-fronted, but it's not a "clean" Yellow-headed Parrot. It has a lot of red in the face and the beak is the wrong color to support Yellow-headed. If you want to see a "clean" one, you should check out the parrot roost in Santa Ana at Angels Community Park. Parrots at Irvine Regional Park consist of mostly Red-crowned, some Lilac-crowned and then a handful of hybrids. If you see this bird at the park, please report is as amazona sp.

Some pics I took this evening of the "Yellow-headed" bird are in the checklist below, along with some other photos of the common parrots you'll see at Irvine Regional Park.


Jeff Bray
Irvine, CA

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