Irvine Regional Park - Vesper Sparrow - 22 MAR

Jeff Bray

I spent a good part of the morning hiking all over Irvine Regional Park. I found a Vesper Sparrow up on Puma Ridge, mixed in with a flock of Savannah Sparrows. The White-throated Sparrow continued between the maintenance yard and the horse stables. The Gray Flycatcher continued to the WNW of lot 2. I was hearing Lawrence's Goldfinch all over the park, mostly flight calls. Heaviest concentration still seems to be west of lot 2, in the fiddle neck. On the east end of the park there were two Merlin together in a tree, a first for me seeing two together. And there was a Sharp-shinned Hawk at the east end as well. A beautiful day out there. 

Checklist here with some photos of the birds mentioned above.


Jeff Bray
Irvine, CA

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