Silverado Canyon: 3/17

Ryan Seppala

Today (3/17), I hiked up Silverado Canyon, going from the Maple Springs gate to slightly beyond Bigcone Spring. I birded for a while with Trish Gussler as well as on my own. Highlights included a COMMON POORWILL flushed a ways from the main road, early PACIFIC-SLOPE FLYCATCHERS and WARBLING VIREOS, some MOUNTAIN QUAIL (including one seen), a RUFOUS HUMMINGBIRD near Bigcone Spring, a HAIRY WOODPECKER heard across the upper canyon, a super early HERMIT WARBLER at Bigcone Spring, and a heard-only CANYON WREN as I headed back down, singing high above the third stream crossing from the gate. Trish got a Canyon Wren a few hours before I did, which was almost certainly the same one.

FYI, the Maple Springs gate is closed to vehicles due to the rain and may stay that way for some time, considering that a couple paved sections of the lower road have been washed out. You'll need to hike or bike in for now.


Ryan Seppala

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