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Craig Hoover

The plan for Idaho's management of pelicans is open for comment it seems:

I worked for the agency in 1978 for two years looking at the possibility of special regulations for the fishery on the reservoir and river.  Looks like pelicans were a recent addition to the problem of what to do with the fish.  I remember tons of Utah chubs, suckers and carp in our trap at the mouth of the reservoir.  The agency sees these as making up 90 percent of the diet of pelicans in the area of the Blackfoot Reservoir.  The management plan is interesting reading.  I worked at a hatchery in that state too, feeding fish by hand. So seeing all that work get consumed by a bunch of birds instead of little kids and families out for  fishing trip conflicts me.

Craig Hoover
Costa Mesa CA

On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 10:37 AM James Pike <jimpike444@...> wrote:
Hi Debbie,

The tags appear to be related to a long-term study being conducted at two breeding colonies by the Idaho Dept of Fish and Game. White Pelicans that had experienced increasing breeding success at those two colonies were beginning to have an impact on native trout numbers and those of other game fish that are especially prized by recreational fishermen in Idaho. As a consequence, management efforts were initiated that include hazing, egg and nest destruction, and depredation, along with a banding study to determine the overall effects of these actions. While I found it interesting to discover just how many pelicans were wintering in the region, learning the story behind the study sapped my interest in any further reporting of band numbers.

Jim Pike

On Mon, Mar 4, 2019 at 9:46 AM Debbie Hanson <alan_hanson@...> wrote:
Sorry.Emoji Here is the link to my flickr photo of the tagged pelican. 

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Craig Hoover
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