Re: An OC migration calendar?

Trude Hurd

Sea and Sage Audubon sells a book called “The Birds of Orange County:  Status and Distribution” by Robb Hamilton and Doug Willick.  It shows wonderful bar graphs for each bird species per month so you can see when birds arrive, depart, or are resident.  I highly recommend it for all birders.  You can then use eBird for more localized hotspot information.


Attending one of Sea and Sage Audubon’s birding field trips will give you access to some of the county’s best birders.  They will be happy to share information like this with beginners.  We are all learning, no matter how long we have been birding!  It’s such a wonderful hobby.


Trude Hurd

Project Director of Education

Sea and Sage Audubon Society


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Sent: Thursday, February 21, 2019 9:53 AM
Subject: [OrangeCountyBirding] An OC migration calendar?


Would someone be able to write (or unearth) an article on getting the most out of the migration season(s) for new birders?

Things like must-see hotspots (I am guessing Upper Newport Bay will make the list, but perhaps every busy local hotspot will get its share of migrants), species to look for and expected times when they will be here -- to plan which to see first and which to save for later.

Also any tips on using existing resources, such as eBird or any blogs or sites that are active and dedicated to watching migrations in OC.

Thank you!
Alex Tolkachev, Irvine

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