Re: Bronze Mannikins anyone?

Alex Tolkachev

I am glad several of you saw them, including some who replied privately. I guess I would like to know if Bronze Mannikins are "a big deal" to any of you? Would they make the rare birds alert the same way Yellow-headed Parrot did today.

Monte Taylor's reply, which came as I started typing this update, is the closest to what I wanted to hear. I am guessing he is more angry than excited about exotics that are escapees or their offspring. Me, I am not crazy about the Red-crowned parrots (anymore). But I always chase Nutmeg Mannikins (Scaly-breasted munia if you prefer, or Spice Finches as they were first introduced to me), and would be very excited to see a Bronze Mannikin mixed in. Probably for the wrong reasons hinted at by Monte.

Alex Tolkachev, Irvine

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