White-throated Sparrow, Bald Eagle, etc. (continuing birds)


Sorry for the delay in posting this but just an update on a few continuing birds in the Anaheim/Orange area.  Yesterday (February 11) I got out birding for a few hours with Shawn Nielsen. Birding at Anaheim Coves Park/Burris Basin Shawn had an adult Bald Eagle flying off to the north-east, from the parking lot at Lincoln (presumably following the Santa Ana River and the series of reservoirs that parallel the SAR in this part of the county; undoubtedly one of the adults that more commonly are seen further up-river in the Tustin to Lakevew stretch of river). Unfortunately I picked the wrong time to use the restrooms there. While we were there we also had the continuing young male Common Goldeneye in Lincoln Basin (the relatively small basin situated between the north end of Burris Basin and Lincoln St.). As usual it was actively diving with a few other birds at the far north end. Later, in Anaheim Coves Park (ACP), we presumably had the same White-throated Sparrow (WTSP) previously found by Walter Piper, in tall shrubs (chaparral type plantings) on the downslope side of trail, immediately southeast of the church that’s at the corner of Rio Vista and Wagner, where one can get access to the ACP trail. I had heard a call note that didn’t quite sound right for a WTSP, and after pishing we soon had the WTSP pop into view. We ended up seeing only one White-crowned Sparrow with it. Most of the WCSPs consistly seem to hang out much further down towards the southwest corner of ACP (where I suspect some adjacent yards likely have feeders) but this WTSP doesn’t seem to be attached to any noticeable flock of its White-crown cousins (at least wasn’t on Monday). A couple Common Mergansers were towards the southern end of Burris (a far cry from numbers that used to winter here in the 1980s-1990s when there would often be a flock of as many as 100-200 birds). 

Doug Willick
Orange, CA

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