Re: Highlights from the San Joaquin Marsh walk - 10 FEB

Sara Bethurum

Jeff, just wanted to commend you for your dedication to Sea and Sage.  Showing up to lead a walk in this weather says you are a real trooper.
Sara Bethurum
San Juan Capistrano

On Sunday, February 10, 2019, 2:28:07 PM PST, Jeff Bray <jbray4913@...> wrote:
We had a small group of 9 people this morning brave the weather. Overall, we had around 77 species. The Phainopepla was active and calling behind the duck club. Lots of swallow and swift activity. They were quite noisy too, making for a great learning experience for those that haven't seen or heard swifts and swallows before. The Palm Warbler made a brief appearance on the bank of Pond D. 
The water level in Pond 1 'was very high, and Pond 2 was quite low. There was a dead American White Pelican on Pond 2 as well. Overall, not a bad day of birding, despite the weather. 
List here with the species seen and/or heard:

Jeff Bray
Irvine, CA

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