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Orange County Birding, a discussion forum for wild birds and birding in Orange County, southern California, USA. A total of 489 bird species have been recorded in our county, including California's first records of White-tailed Tropicbird, Falcated Duck, Ivory Gull, Red-legged Kittiwake, Couch's Kingbird, Bridled Tern, Nutting's Flycatcher, and Tropical Parula, as well as other notable finds such as Groove-billed Ani, Sooty Tern, Field Sparrow, Common Pochard, and Olive-backed Pipit.

Allowable messages/files to this group include ORANGE COUNTY, CA birding reports, activities, questions, or photographs ONLY. We have ZERO tolerance for other activities and locations. Photos of birds taken outside of Orange County will be deleted. Use no acronyms for birds/localities in your messages unless clearly defined upon first usage. 

This forum is for discussion of all wild birds, both common species and rarities. 

signature is required at the end of every message you send. It must contain your first name, last name, and your city of residence. 

To share out-of-area trips & sightings, use CalBirds or another appropriate county listserv. 

The local chapter of the National Audubon Society is Sea & Sage Audubon. Most Audubon Society meetings involve birds and birding, and Sea and Sage holds a wide variety of field trips and events throughout the year. The Sea & Sage chapter has both a website and a Facebook page. Both are terrific resources for all birders. 

Ryan Winkleman, Jeff Bray, and Tom Benson

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