Re: [OpenHPC Announce] OpenHPC 2.0 released

Karl W. Schulz

Hi all,

Just wanted to report that we discussed the v1.3 branch at our last TSC meeting and we are planning to now focus on a v1.3.10 release (hopefully by end of year).


On Oct 7, 2020, at Oct 7, 3:51 AM, Paolo Margara <paolo.margara@...> wrote:

Really a good news.

Now that v2.0 was released there are plans to make a new release for the the v1.3 branch or it should be considered EOL?

At least a final release that  support CentOS 7.8 and a more recent build of Slurm should be useful.



Il 07/10/20 02:36, Karl W. Schulz ha scritto:
We are pleased to announce the release of OpenHPC, v2.0.

This is a significant update that targets support for two new major OS distro versions: CentOS8 and OpenSUSE Leap 15.  As the OpenHPC 2.x series targets major new distro versions, please note that it is not intended to be backwards compatible with the previous OpenHPC 1.3.x series.  Instead, OpenHPC 2.x is intended for fresh installs with the newer distro versions (or containers based on these distro versions).  

This 2.0 release supersedes the previous 2.0RC1 version. Users who are already using 2.0RC1 can upgrade their local packages to the final release.

Please see the Release Notes and documentation for more detailed information along with important highlights for this release.

Install Guides/Release RPMs:

For those who are using elements of OpenHPC (hopefully finding it marginally helpful), we'd certainly be grateful if you would consider registering your system(s) using the System Registration Form.

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