Could not resolve hostname in PBS #pbspro

Patrick Machado

All, Sorry because I am starting at oHPC.

I am using the following guide ( to make my cluster work and communicate the main node with the slaves. So far I have had no success because there are lot of variables that I do not know how to handle.

in the following part:

I get the error that PBS pro server could not be found : myhostname
this value must resolve to a valid IP address.

the point is that I have two ethernet adapters. I have a DNS1 and DNS2 , Mask, Gateway, IP and everything for the adapter which connects me with the internet in the external world, but so far as I understand this mannual require the options to the internal adapter which will connect with the other nodes. Not sure if I defined everything alright but I used the same DNS1 and DNS2 for the two adapters.

could anyone help?
thanks a lot

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