Re: Adding Lmod modules?

Karl W. Schulz

On Mar 29, 2018, at 1:36 PM, Mark Moorcroft <plaktau@...> wrote:

Thanks Derek,

I'm asking because the guy who is taking on maintaining our modules claims that you can't fully embrace the advantages with lmod if you go outside the main tree. We are doing exactly what you suggest now, but he claims a lot of the smarts and inheritance is lost when you do that. Or it could be we just lack experience with lmod.

Mark Moorcroft

If you just augment the MODULEPATH as Derek suggested, then you are still letting Lmod do it’s magic. You may have some local moduelfiles that don’t take advantage of all the options (for example. the “family” designation that we use in ohpc-generated modulefiles), but you should not lose functionality.



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