Re: Adding Lmod modules?

Derek Simmel

At PSC, we typically put our own local modules into another location (say /opt/modulefiles), and then adjust the MODULEPATH environment variable to include all directories of modules, e.g.,


$ module avail

-------------------------- /opt/ohpc/pub/modulefiles ---------------------------
EasyBuild/3.3.1 hwloc/1.11.7 pmix/1.2.3
autotools llvm4/4.0.1 prun/1.1
gnu7/7.1.0 papi/5.5.1 valgrind/3.13.0

------------------------------- /opt/modulefiles -------------------------------

- Derek

On Mar 28, 2018, at 10:07 PM, Mark Moorcroft <plaktau@...> wrote:

Is there an accepted practice/location for adding additional modules? Is it considered bad form to add them in /opt/ohpc, or is that exactly where you should be putting them?
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