Re: CentOS aarch64 on Raspberry PI 3

Adrian Reber

On Wed, Mar 28, 2018 at 03:04:36PM +0200, Alexandre Strube wrote:
I’m not sure you can use the aarch64 image for it, but you can you the
minimal image made specifically for the raspberry pi 3:
That is 32bit only. What I did for a demo was to use CentOS 64 bit
aarch64 user-space and a Fedora 64 bit kernel which works with the
raspberry pi 3.


2018-03-28 14:58 GMT+02:00 DARDO ARIEL VIÑAS VISCARDI <

Has anyone find out a way to run CentOS 7 on RP3?

I want to build a small cluster based on them and can't find a way to load
Centos on aarch64

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