Re: Cant run ICC on my compute nodes

Karl W. Schulz

On Mar 22, 2018, at 7:58 AM, DARDO ARIEL VIÑAS VISCARDI <dardo.vinas@...> wrote:

I had a problem when I tried to run a test domain in WRF on my cluster.

[prun] Error: Expected Job launcher mpiexec.hydra not found for impi

So I shh to my node, and try to run the command myself (after loading the intel and impi module)

-bash: icc: command not found
-bash: mpiexec.hydra: command not found
-bash: mpirun: command not found

Any idea why this happends? On my master I cant find the commands after loading the module (my master isn't acting as a compute node).
Did you install the parallel studio package on the head node in the default path, or put it in a path that is already visible to the compute nodes (like /opt/ohpc/pub/intel)? If you chose the default (which is likely /opt/intel), you will want to make sure to export that path to your compute nodes (so, update /etc/exports on head node and /etc/fstab on computes) if you haven’t already.


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