FM UPdates

Jonathan Naylor

Following feedback from FM controller users, I've made the following changes on master which needs testing:

1. Using the COS line as the lockout pin is now controlled from the MMDVM.ini and not as a compile time option. This is in the [Modem] section of the configuration with off (0) being the default.

2. The FM controller now support some new modes. The UseCOS parameter for [FM] is now gone, and replaced with AccessMode which takes one of four values:
    0 Work as a carrier operated repeater. CTCSS is transmitted but not decoded.
    1 Work with CTCSS and without COS (Same as UseCOS=0)
    2 Work with CTCSS and with COS (Same as UseCOS=1)
    3 Use CTCSS with COS to open the repeater up, and then use carrier access (with COS) for all further accesses until the repeater closes down.

If you enable UseCOSAsLockout and the repeater using COS, then it won't work as expected, the lockout parameter takes precedence.

I hope you enjoy this.

Jonathan  G4KLX

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