Re: Developments.....

Jonathan Naylor

Things have moved on a little. I've been busy.

1. The Icom to Kenwood NXDN gateway is close to being finished, unfortunately a lot of it is guesswork and it hasn't been used in anger yet. Indeed as part of testing I have added the Kenwood protocol alongside the Icom one in my NXDN Gateway program. The default is Icom as now, but Kenwood can be specified, and it may even work. I have done some desk testing and it looks approximately right. However plugging it into a Kenwood repeater would be the best test.

2. There have been some enhancements to the DMR Gateway. It can now be sort-of controlled externally, so that scripts can interrogate the BM API and ensure that the DMR Gateway is always in the correct state. These scripts are not yet included with the DMR Gateway, but once finished they will be. I have also modified the gateway so that any voice message doesn't interfere with incoming network audio if it appears during the time for the voice message.

3. The FM Repeater is now code complete, however testing is in the very early stages, and to be honest it's making a wretched noise! However Geoffrey F4FXL is testing it on his local repeater, F5ZEE and together we will get it working. More news as it happens will appear here. The fun can be found on the FM branches of the host and the firmware, but only play with it if you feel happy reading/debugging C++ code, otherwise leave well alone.

That's about it for now.

Jonathan  G4KLX

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