A little favour to ask.....

Jonathan Naylor

Hi All

The MMDVM was started in the summer of 2015 and has been in constant development ever since. It borrows some D-Star code and the ircDDB Gateway from my previous development work, but is otherwise new code. I had to learn quite a lot along the way in order to provide a good system that now provides nine modes if using a modem based system, or seven modes if using a hotspot hat.
I get almost nothing for developing this system. I certainly don't get money from any of the manufacturers of MMDVM based systems.
So if you'd like to support further development of the MMDVM system, maybe including new and exciting hardware, I have set up a PayPal.me page to allow people to make donations directly to me. If you use an MMDVM, maybe you would like to make a donation to ensure that things move on in 2022 and beyond.
The donation page is https://www.paypal.com/paypalme/mmdvm
Jonathan G4KLX

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