moderated Olivia Frequencies

Thomas Giella

In November 2019 I returned to Olivia operation. I've been making daily stateside and DX QSO's on 40, 30 and 20 meters on the following frequencies:

7072 kHz +1500 hz

10142 +1500 

14072 +1500 

I've made QSO's on 250/8 and 500/16.

From here in Central Florida there has been quite a bit of activity on 40 meters in the evening, 30 meters day and night and 20 day and evening all times,

I also like MFSK16 but have failed to make any QSO's on the Olivia frequencies.

Back in 2003 I first got interested in the digital modes. I started with PSK31 and quickly discovered MFSK16 and RTTY. 

73 & HNY 2020,
Thomas F. Giella W4HM
Lakeland, FL