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Got some Olivia with new radio setup By Tomas, NW7US ·
Video: Olivia on Twenty Meters (Short QSO) By Tomas, NW7US ·
Share this information... "About Olivia Digital Mode on HF" By Tomas, NW7US ·
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Who said there is no propagation? 11 messages By Jim Falls ·
Unleash the power of DX in Olivia mode! 20 messages By Tomas, NW7US ·
This is why 8/250 on calling frequencies... 2 messages By Bry Carling AF4K ·
Hearing Olivia-like sigs now on 7.123 MHz around a few CW QSOs... By Paul ·
Freqs in Olivia Frequency App 2 messages By G8JCF · Edited
Welcome! 10 messages By Roger ·
Olctl V1.1 Released : http://www.g8jcf.uk/olctl By G8JCF ·
olivia utility By ... ·
OLCTL install/uninstall 2 messages By G8JCF ·
Olivia Frequency Controller for Fldigi : V By G8JCF ·
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