Re: Exercise BLUE HAM in UK today

Steve Richards

Hi Raul,


Glad we hooked up on 60m – big sig as always.

Yes, some of the cadet stations have been appearing on LSB (or, as you say, with the REVERSE button in).

I’ve tried to advise them and most are now correctly orientated!

Yes, the callsigns can be a bit strange.  MRE02 and MRE05 were early birds and I’ve also worked MFJ05.

I believe they will be operating quite late into the evening on Sunday – at least, until Madame La Propagation shuts the door suddenly!



73 de Steve G4HPE


From: [] On Behalf Of Raul M0ZZM
Sent: 21 March 2021 10:37
Subject: Re: [Olivia] Exercise BLUE HAM in UK today


Thanks Steve!

I saw you recently spotting some unusual M callsigns, I thought they were poor s/n decodes but this explains. I am monitoring the slot now, some stations are transmitting in USB reverse (or LSB).

Thank you again for the heads-up.

Raul M0ZZM

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