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The Olivia MFSK Digital Mode on HF Group's Mission Statement

We strive to be a resource of the highest quality for individual amateur radio operators (and SWLers) interested in the Olivia digital mode on HF. To this end, we allow as much information as possible from our group to be accessed by visitors!

We thank you for your interest and for your contributions.  See you on the bands, in my Olivia waterfall!

Tomas, NW7US, Founder & Owner
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The following is proposed, and I will publish soon, upon general public acceptance.
Timestamp:  16:50 UTC, 30 June 2020

Please comment!


These are suggested frequencies on which can be found WEAK (i.e., a signal that you cannot hear, a signal not seen on the waterfall) Olivia signals. While it is easy to spot a STRONG Olivia signal anywhere on the waterfall, by using these suggested calling frequencies at least once and awhile, you will enable us to find your signal when the signal is too weak to hear and too faint to see on the waterfall.

Olivia can do well with weak signals. Yes, our suggested 8 tone with 250 Hz bandwidth results in slow transmissions. But, it is one of the better settings when attempting to decode very weak signals.

Once you make contact, you ought to move up or down a bit, but only on clear frequencies, away from the original (calling) frequency. By moving, you are freeing up the calling frequency for others to hunt for exotic signals through the same window. After you move off of the calling frequency, change to a standard configuration, such as 16/500 to make the conversation go faster. (That is 16 tones, in a 500-Hz bandwidth).

But, on a calling frequency, it is advisable to configure operations in such a way as to increase the likelihood that you will find and decode that weak signal.

In the following list, CENTER is where you place the center of the software's cursor, and click to select that center frequency on the waterfall. If you use the DIAL frequency from this list, then click 1500 Hz offset up the waterfall (1500 Hz to the RIGHT of the LEFT side of the waterfall, if your waterfall is oriented horizontally with the lowest frequency on the left). This results in the software and transceiver being correctly tuned for the CENTER frequency.

The listing shows CENTER, then DIAL, then the number of tones and the bandwidth.

     CENTER    |     DIAL       Tones/Bandwidth        (Notes)
 1.8390 MHz    |    1.8375 MHz   8/250    (ITU Region 1, etc.; Primary International)
 1.8270 MHz    |    1.8255 MHz   8/250    (ITU Region 2; Secondary)
 3.5830 MHz    |    3.5815 MHz   8/250
 7.0405 MHz    |    7.0390 MHz   8/250    (ITU Region 2, etc., Primary International)
 7.0730 MHz    |    7.0715 MHz   8/250    (Secondary)
10.1430 MHz    |   10.1415 MHz   8/250
14.0730 MHz    |   14.0715 MHz   8/250
14.1075 MHz    |   14.1060 MHz  32/1000
18.1030 MHz    |   18.1015 MHz   8/250
21.0730 MHz    |   21.0715 MHz   8/250
24.9230 MHz    |   24.9215 MHz   8/250
28.1230 MHz    |   28.1215 MHz   8/250


If your software is able to decode/encode the Reed-Solomon Identification signals (RSID), please turn on both received and transmit RSID. An example is shown in the following video, which demonstrates enabling RSID in a popular software suite:

Please share this everywhere possible, as part of our effort to rekindle the love for our conversational mode, Olivia.

General Rules

  • Please reference our FILES section for FREQUENCIES and RULES:
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  • Please read and occasionally refer back to the announcement posts that are pinned in the group. Link:

  • Please feel free to post when you or others are active on-air using Olivia. Be sure to list CALL SIGN, CENTER FREQUENCY, CONFIGURATION (i.e., 8/500), UTC start time, etc.

  • Be kind, courteous, patient.

  • Stay on topic!

  • If you post something in this group, expect that people will respond. That's how it works. Some people might disagree with you. Get over it. What is a discussion if everyone already agrees with you? Healthy debate includes disagreement. That's how conversations work. If you get your underpants in a ruffle, don't risk posting. But, I challenge you: Stick around and try allowing people to discuss things even if in disagreement. Something good might result. We make our hobby better, by discussing things. Just keep it civil. Okay?

  • Our goal is to provide a friendly environment to explore, ask questions (perhaps answer a few), and enjoy stories & experiences with others in our hobby.

  • This group is about amateur radio. We are not limiting membership to just licensed amateur radio operators. However, the focus is on amateur radio, primarily.

NOTICE: Any shared page or other resource from the website, QRZNOW, will be removed. That website hosts plargerized and copyright law violations, and the person or people running it refuse to answer those who have attempted to get the violations resolved. I am one of the many who have had copyright material lifted from my own websites, just to be posted on QRZNOW without permission and often without proper attribution.

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+ Please help with the goal of quality membership.

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Please share.

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