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We encourage our subscribers to help one another find obituaries for others. If you’re looking for an obituary for someone, please submit your request using the following format, with one person per email. Please limit your requests to 3 or 4 per day. This also allows everyone the opportunity for their requests to have equal attention from the lookup volunteers.


If you are a NON-MEMBER making a request, please be sure to read this entire page. Failure to send your request without the proper information may result in them being deleted from the database.

If you found this group or an obituary reference by searching the Obituary Daily Times database search page at Rootsweb,  replaced that mailing list when it was terminated in 2020. That database provides an index of obituary listings that you can share here with your new request. Just submit a new request here following the guidelines below, add that obituary reference, and we’ll ask the group to help you find your obituary.

In the subject line of each request, please only put the STATE (spelled out), COUNTY, and CITY/TOWN, followed by a dash (-) then the LAST NAME, FIRST NAME of the person you are looking for. Nothing else, please. 

When in search of an obituary, please be sure to gather the following information about the deceased. This will help the search to be handled quicker and helps volunteers to locate more accurate results. Please provide the following information and put it in the body of your initial request. 

**Full name (Including maiden name for women and any nicknames or spelling variations) 

**Date and place of birth and death (we MUST at least have the year they passed, the state and an approximate age). Did they pass away in a different state from where they normally resided? Are there other states an obit might be found where family members live, or a place the deceased lived for an extended period of time in the past?

**Family member names (spouse, parents, siblings, children)

**Any other helpful information such as an obituary source link from Ancestry hints, or other records you may have located?

**Cemetery/Final resting place information - Find-A-Grave memorial link, if one exists. 

If we have any questions after receiving your requests, we will send you a message addressing those concerns. Please add Obit Lookups Group Owner: to your safe email contacts, so our messages are not delivered directly to your spam/junk mail folder. 

NOTE: If you want to help search for obituaries, please be sure you read the Obit Lookups Website Search document located at This will show you how to make sure the request has not already been completed. 

When you find an obituary for others, type or copy & paste the info into the message or add it as a photo or attachment. You can also provide a link to the obituary, just make sure it’s not behind a paywall. Please be sure to include the source info for where the obituary was published. When done, in the subject line add the word “COMPLETED” followed by a few dashes (—-) or periods in the subject line in front of everything else. 

When we use our quota of space allowed by because of the number of attachments, older obituaries are deleted from our database (i.e., obituaries someone worked hard to find). Please be sure to download/save the obituary and source info, or print a copy of any emails you want for your own personal use.

This group can sometimes be very active, so if you feel you are receiving too many emails, you can easily change your group settings. The default is individual emails, where you receive every email sent to the group, including your own. You can also choose from several digest options, or you can receive no emails, if you need to put your account on hold for personal reasons. 

You can see these options and others once you are a member. Simply log into the Obit-Lookups website, click on the SUBSCRIPTION button located directly below the HOME button and make your selection. If you’re not sure how to do this, just click on the Contact Group Owner link at the bottom of every email, and we can walk you through the process, or just change it at your request.

Please note that email providers may send messages from to your spam folders. These group messages can be automatically flagged as spam by an email provider, rather than having been specifically marked as spam by yourself. Check the spam folder in your email application or the email provider’s webmail interface, and see if that folder contains messages from If it does, please mark those messages as NOT SPAM/JUNK. Doing so will help train your email provider's spam filters to make fewer mistakes about email messages. 

IMPORTANT: Please DO NOT delete the messages from the spam folder, or allow them to be automatically deleted from it. Otherwise, the email provider will likely continue flagging messages as spam, and could automatically unsubscribe you.  Then you will have to resubscribe.. Please, also, do not mark these emails as SPAM because these are legitimate emails requested by people who are seeking an obituary.

If you have any questions, please contact us at or click on the link to CONTACT GROUP OWNER at the bottom of every group email, or at the bottom of the group home page.

Have fun! 

John and Debbie 

PLEASE NOTE: If you found an obituary reference by searching RootsWeb, you won't find the obituary here. Submit a new request here, include what you found at RootsWeb, and follow the guidelines above for new requests. Our volunteers will try to help you find an obituary by using our group members’ resources.  

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