Link to Recording of Sandy Spring Theatre Group's "ROUGH CUTS 3: Sunshine, Ice Cream & COVID-19"

Helen Mao


Thank you to everyone who watched Sandy Spring Theatre Group's One-Act Festival, "ROUGH CUTS 3: Sunshine, Ice Cream & COVID-19" on 7/24/2021. In fact, these comedies about everything opening up a little seem quaint now, given recent developments due to the COVID-19 Delta variant. 


If you couldn't catch the live performance, hopefully you were out socializing and having fun … while we still can. 

          A Night of Naked Faces                                           Are You My Mummy?

          By Helen Cheng Mao                                                By Jeff Dunne

          Directed by Jacqueline Youm                                   Directed by By Jeff Dunne


          Mask On Mask Off                                                   Stay Low

          By Kat Wilderotter                                                     By Dan Young

          Directed by Stan Levin                                               Directed by Bruce Hirsch


          Brenham Community Theatre                                 Prêt-a-quitter COVID-19

          By RJ Cappuccio                                                         By Jacqueline Youm

          Directed by David Fialkoff                                          Directed by Jacqueline Youm


Here’s a link to a recording of Rough Cuts 3 - Sunshine, Ice Cream, and COVID-19