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Just when I was dipping my toes into the online selling/buying pool…my OBEX neighbors warn me it’s full of sharks! Thank you! Now someone please tell me HOW do I delete my Craig’s List and FB market accounts? I don’t want to risk being bitten! I am so tech illiterate I don’t even know how to change my password- so I’d be easy prey.

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On Monday, September 13, 2021, 4:16 PM, Bobby Mozafari <mozafari@...> wrote:

This happened to me on Friday. I was selling a water cooler, and the person asked me to send them the code for verification that I was a real person. I did, without thinking about it, and then realized that was probably a mistake. So, I quickly changed my Google password. They messaged back and told me that it wasn't right and to try again, and I blocked them.

On Mon, Sep 13, 2021, 3:51 PM Gomez, Monika R via <> wrote:

Yes, this is a scam happening on Facebook Marketplace, on OfferUp, and on Craigslist. Do not message these people through text, just through the app or through Messenger, and do not return ANY Google codes. It happened to me too, and when I wouldn’t text back the code, the person called ME a scammer. LOL. Another red flag is people on newly created FB pages with no friends, no posts and no pictures other than a profile picture.


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Hi – also – please be very careful about people preying on folks on FB Marketplace. I had two different people respond very quickly after I posted a couple free items on FB Marketplace this weekend….

They messaged me acting as though THEY were skeptical of scammers on FB and said, “what is your phone number? If you’re real, then please send me the code I just sent to your number” – well then I got a google account code – which if I gave that number to  the scammers, they would be able to re-set my gmail / google account and hack my email, look at all of my financial records that were in my email, etc.

They got very aggressive very quickly. I reported them and blocked them.

I could tell right away that it was a scam b/c their English language skills were not great and they were saying things that didn’t make sense – like they wanted to “buy” my items and they would pay me cash as soon as they verified that I was a real person.  But I was giving my stuff away for free – so that was a red flag…. And then when I got the Google reset code, that’s when it hit me….

So – beware – sad that there are predators everywhere.






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This person ➡️ Marissa Nelligan messaged us this morning.  I responded to her question about a car with Florida license plates.  But she may not exist. 

She may have joined our list serve illegally. Does anyone know her?  

She isn’t responding to me.  In fact I’m getting a message that she doesn’t exist.  

What do you make of this? 



On Sep 13, 2021, at 9:45 AM, Marissa Nelligan via <mnelligan_22@...> wrote:

Does anyone or did anyone have family/ friends visiting them in Brookeville from Florida. Specifically around the Manor Oaks neighborhood. They would have been here Friday 9/10, whether they are still here or not. If so, do they drive a Hyundai in Florida? If so, please do contact me. 

Mrs. A. Martinez
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