FS: Madame Alexander dolls #kids #Announcement

Tami Abramowitz

For Sale: $20/doll, $50/lot of 3, $250/full set - All in fair condition
Lot 1 (left to right): Bonnet Top Wendy, I Love My Puppy, Rosie the Riveter
Lot 2: England, Little Red Riding Hood, Miss Smarty
Lot 3: Wishes Come True, Celebrating America, Jabberwocky
Lot 4: Rah Rah Red, Wendy Loves a Party, Baa Baa Black Sheep
Lot 5: Matador, Spain, Blue Ballet Recital
Selling for my daughter, who wants to make room for more books. If pics don't come up, please email me and I'll send directly.
Tami Abramowitz, CGFM

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