VK3 parks and forests

Peter Fraser

After recent storms there is a lot of damage to parks and forests in VK3 and many have road, or total closures.

For Parks Victoria managed areas - https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/get-into-nature/safety-in-nature <https://www.parks.vic.gov.au/get-into-nature/safety-in-nature>

For DELWP managed areas - https://www.ffm.vic.gov.au/visiting-state-forests/forest-and-road-closures <https://www.ffm.vic.gov.au/visiting-state-forests/forest-and-road-closures>

SOTA and VKFF park activators should be aware that activating in an area that is closed can make the activation invalid.

Enjoy the weekend and stay safe.

Peter VK3ZPF

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