VK1/AC-041 Isaacs Ridge Sunday 22 March #sotaactivationplans


Hi everyone,

It seems SOTA is one of the safest contact sports on the planet at  present - Complete, almost total isolation - at last report trees don't carry or transfer the virus, you get  fresh air.. no smoke or fires... Therefore, Sunday morning I plan to activate Isaacs Ridge - VK1/AC-041. 1 point.   I know the JMFD is on, but I wont be participating.  That said, I am happy to give out a number if requested. The usual - 80 40, 20 and 15m plus 2m FM and maybe SSB
You know me - mostly CW, but if I stray  to the Dark Side I will spot any SSB work. ( Note to self - pack the microphone!)  Alert has been posted.

What else can we do? Pubs and restaurants are being closed, we cant go to the footy.... So I cant think of a better way to have fun and avoid the COVID-19.


Try to stay healthy, self isolate...get on a summit!
de Bill VK1MCW