It should be in  your email address, or included in your name/call. Also tell us a bit about yourself and your interests in joining. - ie send an e mail to ve3dss at
OTHERWISE YOUR REQUEST WILL BE TRASHED (having an email like is good, having an email address like  is a sure way to get trashed).
This is not intended as an exclusionary policy, but as a defense against spam, hackers, and other unpleasantness that generally is attributed to others, not hams. If you are interested in VHF+, PLEASE join us- we are FRIENDLY and can provide help and guidance to you.  Please share your experiences.  In addition members are willing to visit your club to present various VHF UHF topics!

WELCOME VHFers!  This is the Ontario VHF Association (OVHFA)  reflector, created after the Toronto VHF "DO", 16 JUNE 2001 and moved to on October 17, 2019.

The OVHFA traces its roots back to 1950 when the boys from Southern Ontario and Western New York used to meet annually at the Riverside Inn in Oakville, Ontario. This was in the days when A.M. ruled! There were no repeaters and everyone hung out on 144.144 crystal controlled, using regenerative receivers, or those fancy new crystal controlled converters and transmitting with  converted SCR-502's (the VHF radio in the Lancaster Bomber) and using modified 10 element Channel 6 yagis! 
 The Toronto VHF Society VE3ONT was started in the 1970's to promote multiop VHF contesting, and we set major Canadian records as a group, but over time many have become SK, or are into other things so we thought we'd promote and pass the torch to a wider group!  OVHFA has the call VE3VHF under the auspices of Gus VE3DSE, and we would like to see the call used on the air if possible.
The OVHFA is intended to encourage VHF/UHF/SHF operation in Ontario, and all across Canada.  It is open to all Amateur Radio Operators - anywhere... hi
Our thanks to Jeff VA3ISP for his continued support with our new website WELCOME 73 Dana VE3DS

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